Get the index of removed points in CULL DUPLICATES (POINTS)


I’m trying to get the index of those removed points in the CULL DUPLICATES component,
in order to match the original data tree of points, see attached.

My guess is to duplicate the OUTPUT culled points with the NUM of original points they represent,
then I will need the index of those removed one to sort of unflatten it back into the original structure.

Any thoughts? Your help is much appreciated =D


Hi Zach

Like this??
Please found this atteched file.

thnks, (26.4 KB)

Thank Reo,
it does exactly what the question was asking for,
I sort of did it via group points as an alternative approach,
BTW so much respect for you iOS app =D

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Nice solution, but one thing perplexes me. If you plug the points from Cull Points directly into Item Index the solution fails but these are the same points that come out of List Item using the index from Cull Points. Subtracting one from the other gives {0,0,0}, meaning they are they “same” points, so why does it work in one instance and not the other?

It’s because Item Index doesn’t do what you think it does. It should have been called Reference Equals or something just to scare people away from it.

Item Index compares the memory address of data, not the values stored in the memory. So you can have two points with the same coordinates but stored in different locations in memory, and Item Index will not think of them as the ‘same’ point.

Use the Member Index component in the Sets panel instead. It only works for simple data types (numbers, text, colours, points) but it does actually look at the values.


Thanks David. I always wondered why there were two components that “seemed” to do the same thing.

Hi all!

looking for an answer to my doubts I bumped into this thread…
Hope you can help me…
I want to cull a list of points using CULL DUPLICATES with a tolerance.
But, my goal is to GET a list with the same number of points where removed ones have been replaced by the point that originates their cull.
Something like this…

I tried many things but in the end it’s like the indexes are lost in the CULL DUPLICATES component…
Thanks a lot!

You must have already found a solution. Still, leaving the solution for next ones to see this post.
You can use closest point method to compare with the earlier version to replace them. You can use this even after mapping the culled points onto a surface, if you use the index values of closest points. (25.1 KB)