Get the gumball frame of GeometryBase

Is it possible to access the gumball frame of an object without the gumball being visible? Is this data available via GeometryBase or otherwise via RhinoObject?

I don’t believe their is a way of getting the frame of Rhino’s “automatic” gumball via the C++ SDK or RhinoCommon. If you could get it, what would you want to do with is?

I reposted a question for @huaxiamengqing from the Grasshopper forum. I’m not sure what he plans to do with it. I see he also posted a question himself‡ re the same problem.

‡ I erroneously thought that being form China he wouldn’t have access to discourse

I use userdictionary to store data into a geometryobject.But if I store a geometry into the geometryobject,when I move the geometryobject,The geodata stored in it won’t move.
So,I Must get the geometrybase’s OCS,and Store the relation location into the geoobject.
For example, If I Store a Point3d into the geoobject, I will get the geoobject’s OCS(like the gumball frame Plan),then Store the point transformed into this Plan. So,If the geoobject move, My stored Point will move follow it,because I get the transformed loaction,and transform it back.
do I say clear? My english is not very good, I don’t know do you understand what I say?
Thank you!
@DavidRutten ,thank you for your erroneous–

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