Get the coordinates of a mesh point by its index

As the title says, I’m trying to get the 3D point coordinate of a mesh vertex for a certain index. MeshFaceVertices gets me the indices, but I can’t yet find how to go from an index to a point. I could start from the other direction, whatever works. What I can find so far seems like I’d have to get the vertices as points, then feed that into MeshClosestPoint to get the point again and the index…that sounds cumbersome?

In C# it would be

var _point = mesh.Vertices[1234];
// place at World Origin:
_point.X = 0.0;
_point.Y = 0.0;
_point.Z = 0.0;

// Rolf

Yes, but I want to link the index to the coordinates, I need to know what the index is for each point coordinate–basically I want to label each vertex with its index, for my testing purposes right now.

mesh.Vertices[1234] (or whatever index) IS the coordinate. You can also say:

mesh.Vertices[1234] .X = 0.0;
mesh.Vertices[1234] .Y = 0.0;
mesh.Vertices[1234] .Z = 0.0;

(Which is how you actually would relocate a coordinate tto world origin)

// Rolf

Yeah I just realized that’s what you were showing…I don’t see how to do that in Python…But I guess the vertices would be indexed in that order…right…?

Mesh.Vertices is the list of coordinates. Index is their order, yes.

// Rolf

Okay thanks that was kind of dumb of me.