Get skeleton more organic

Hey, thank you! What plugin does include TSplines? The shapes in the images you show still look a bit edgy. I would imagine it more like that, more curvy:

So probably just the skeleton would need to have more relaxed curves.

@laurent_delrieu Do you maybe know how to do that? :innocent:

Thank you! I didn’t know it can be so easy to create something like that. I just tried it and got this result:

I still feel like it’s not organic and smooth enough, there are too many edges. Also, I think the holes look a bit like just spots on the base shape, and not really like showing the skeleton. Are there ways to improve that?

As I said TSplines are dead (in the way that 3dPDF is dead: all good things have the very same future). But the latest R/GH builds have something equivalent (since I work with R5 I can’t recall the name nor what it does).

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Was it a PDF format that was able to include 3D files?

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you can try modifying the parameters of Weaverbird in the definition.

Your other option is multipipe in grasshopper too, you can do a lot.

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There are many many ways to smooth the mesh.
As said by @Davide3 Multipipe is a good one

Dendro could also be used to generate the mesh or to smooth it.

Working on smmothing curve network is also a solution

Without smoothing the network

With one of my tool (not yet published as a plugin), I hope Daniel one do the same thing


Thanks a lot! Your creations look very beautiful! Could you please share the files? :slight_smile:

The only change from your definition is the smoothing of lines. So upload @DanielPiker tool to smooth a network and use the output instead of straight lines.

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Sounds simple, but I don’t really understand it. That’s what I tried: (19.4 KB)

Try to get an Adobe Reader 32bt (because idiots at Adobe removed 3dPDF GPU DX support in 64bit builds - delirium of stupidity) and then open this (Generative Components and AECOSim):

170_TemPark_UAE_STR_MASTER-002.pdf (2.8 MB)

Note: even if you install a 32bit build - called Reader DC - that #%#^#% Windows OS (I assume that you have W10 at least) will auto update Reader to a 64bit build (the “latest and greatest” policy etc etc) in a few moments time. Disabling this update - for ever - is rather complex (took me 15 !!! minutes to do it - I hate Windows like my sins).

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you’ll have to better understand how components works. For example you use the “out” from Daniel Script, you must here use “A”. If you don’t know where is the output plug a panel at the outside, or a geometry component.
Test things on small parts. Now that I have tested Daniel script I saw that it is not good on this kind of topology without Dead Ends because the network will at the end become a point.
So you’ll have to have dead ends.

smooth network of lines then mesh it (164.7 KB)

So first
Extract your network (no dead ends)

Add some dead ends, not useful with my not plublished plugin (I plan to make it available with many more components)

Smooth the network with Daniel @DanielPiker tool, not too much itteration because it shrink

Remove dead ends with the script I did there for you

Then use your favorite meshing program, don’t forget to click on the triangle on data dam

smooth network of lines then mesh it (164.7 KB)


Yes - my script in that link showed an example of Laplacian smoothing for a graph, which shrinks it if you don’t keep anything fixed. There’s also a version further down that thread showing keeping selected vertices fixed.
If what you have as input is a mesh, it’s a bit different as you can make use of the normals. So to make a graph of the mesh edges that interpolates the original vertices and also stays tangent to it you can do something like this: (14.0 KB)


Interesting. I hate Windows too. I think putting it in a PDF format is fun, but I also don’t really see an advantage to an usual 3D file.

Very, very cool! And beautiful result! Thanks so much!

Hey, that’s great, thank you! :slight_smile:

The advantage is colossal (in real-life [far and away from planet Utopia that is]):

157_MinDef_ADH_STR_MASTER-022.pdf (256.6 KB)
167_TemPark_UAE_MASTER-056.pdf (1.1 MB)
180_MWHouse_Greece_MASTER-002.pdf (560.7 KB)
ALUSTET-MASTER-45R_not_restricted_000.pdf (151.2 KB)

  1. Allows the client to inspect anything (animated or not) without having any CAD app. For instance, for these 3 above, doing an animated “walk around” 3dPDF (say with 2K “frames”) is a matter of seconds.
  2. Allows any supplier/consultant/etc to inspect anything (including measurements etc etc) especially when we are talking unusual ways to skin the cat (the norm in contemporary AEC these days). Using the Model Tree the whole assembly/component schema is also clearly exposed.
  3. Think a contemporary on site situation: Chances are that there’s more Pads/Laptops/Workstations around than classic drawings (obviously in A3 format). Some of them contain BIM related stuff. But some … well … contain a zillion 3d master/child details (CAD/BIM Independent) . These - in most of cases - are worth more than the (on paper) constuction details/meta data and the likes … or at least are worth solid gold for providing a clue of the goal(s) of the day.
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Can be a disadvantage.

But yes, sounds like a cool thing. I think Adobe is investing a lot in work with 3D graphics right now. Maybe it will come back soon.

Well … think that the majority of WOW AEC stuff these days is done in countries where a robust Design contract (thus any claims from your part … etc etc) has no realistic meaning. The only way that you can do things is … well … a steady/happy client.

On the other hand at BID phase (if the project is due to a direct invitation) exposing some prelimirary stuff requires a few seconds (meaning that the paramount various versions/alternatives/etc … require a minute).

Is kinda saying/hoping that Honda is going to do the next Fireblade like the immortal Tadao Baba original: impossible since back then Honda was a Company while now is a Corporation.

If you work for clients, then this is for sure the most important.

Er … what is the alternative for that? working for Aliens maybe? (i.e. for Elon).