Get Same Type needs reconnect to refresh

Hi there,

I’m trying to make a relatively simple tool in order to add profiles to a curve and set their rotations (for now). The reason I’m doing it this way is that the amount of profiles is going to alter a lot, and each needs to be manually positioned so I could really do with not needing to manually add or remove wires every time I need to add a profile, and I’m using genepools because I’ll be adding other ‘sliders’ like rotation around plane x axis and scale, which I want to stay associated with those specific profiles. Ideally I just want to be able to copy paste an existing gene pool, and just be able to tweak the values to create the relevant profiles.

My issue is that, using the Get Same Type component, it only picks up the data from the gene pools when the wire connecting to it is re-connected. Is there any way anyone knows that I can make it run ‘live’ so that it updates when any of the gene pools are altered, rather than only the one that it connects to?

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots to hopefully clarify.



Hi Rup,

You could try to connect a timer to metahoppers ‘expire’ component, to refresh components the desired components. Proof it works is in the example where the same list is refreshed to create a random seed



  • you could reconnect this to the gene pool or to the ‘get same type’.


Thanks Arkadius!

That works well as a workaround! I’ve done that and just put a data dam in a bit later in the definition so the forced recalc works on the loft so I can see what I’m doing broadly, but it doesn’t recalc all the other complex stuff that’s built off that every 20ms and set my processor on fire!