Get Rendered Image instead the image shown in the layout currently

When I use ViewCapture, viewCapture.CaptureToBitmap(view), the view is “perspectiva” layout, it generated the image 1, how do I get the image 2 through API then? which was show up when I click top-left render button. Thanks a lot!

I got it working using RunScript(), but how to suppress the “Missing file window” then, Thanks!

        RhinoApp.RunScript("_Render", false);
        RhinoApp.RunScript("-_SaveRenderWindowAs " + path + " _Enter", false);
        RhinoApp.RunScript("_CloseRenderWindow", false);

Does this work any better?

RhinoApp.RunScript("_-Render", false);

– Dale

Let me check, Thanks Dale!

Thanks Dale, I changed to use RhinoApp.RunScript("_-Render", false);, the dialog still pop-up, any API to suppress it, Thanks Dale!

Hi @Robin3,

Can you provide a sample file that produces this?


– Dale

Thanks Dale, I suppressed the dialog manually, it was not shown any more, any way to reset the Rhino environment, to get the dialog show again? so, I can send you the file which had the issue, Thanks Dale!

Found it, here it is, Thanks Dale!

Trilogy Ring.3dm (10.7 MB)