Get Reference Plane/Line in Family

I am testing an “Auto Dimension” workflow. The new component series of adding dimension are handy. I am wondering if there is a way to get Reference Plane/Line in a family and use them as inputs in the project file to do dimentions.

I managed to find the family reference planes by add the “doc” input. However, it doesn’t work in a project context. When the reference lines are from the “Project” adding dimention works well. It make sense to me. But I’m still trying to find a way to auto-dimention elements without creating extra reference planes in the project.

Reference Planes in family context.

Reference Planes in project context.

We’ll have a fix for this soon. Currently when querying a named family reference plane it returns the Family Element ID vs the Reference Plane needed for the Dimension Component.

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Sounds good!

@Japhy Hey, will this be included in the futhre release? I saw the new 1.10 mentioned " * Minor Fixes and Improvements "

1.10 will be released next week. What exactly makes it in we will have to wait and see.

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