Get output value from a block in Python script

I have a code whose running I need to automate to conduct a parametric study. I would like to use Python to do this. The code is large and complex and to understand the process better, I created a simple Grasshopper model which I will use to pose my question.

The model computes the mass of a cuboid based on a fixed density and the three dimensions of the cuboid controlled via sliders. So the model effectively consists of three sliders and two multiplication blocks (volume and mass).

I have found a way to change the slider values from a Python script, by using their Guid’s and the SetSliderValue in Rhino.RhinoApp.GetPlugInObject(‘Grasshopper’). However, I cannot get the result of the second multiplication block back to Python.

Can this be done using Guid’s?
Is there an established way to gather data from a parametric study in Python?

Thank you in advance!