Get outline as vector curve from current perspective


Let’s say this is my input file:
bunny.3dm (1.9 MB)

And in Rhino, it gets me displayed like that:

Now I would like to get the outline of the bunny from this perspective as a vector curve. It should have this shape:

If I change the perspective, I would like to get another vector shape. Is it possible to do that with Grasshopper?

How about this? (3.1 KB)

– Dale


Hello! I think this is great! Just one question: If I bake the curve and export it as DWG file, then it takes the “Top” view, and not the “Perspective” view. How can I get the perspective view as a vector file?

You can just orient the planar contour drawing from the Perspective to the Top view, and then export it.

You can also attach a Trigger component to @dale’s script to update it either manually or at regular intervals.

Edit: Grafting input G of the Orient component is unnecessary. (51.8 KB)

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It works, thank you! :partying_face:

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Thanks Dale !
I needed Mesh Outline in GH, but I’d really like to be able to choose the view.
In my case, it’s not a perspective viewport.

Also, this brings a question : The “Mesh Shadow” component should be quite similar, but it produces (in my case at least) terrible results…

I wish it did a better job because the “Direction of light rays” and “Receiving plane” inputs are really practical (more than rotating the model around).

Hi @osuire,

This should work in Rhino 7 and above. (3.8 KB)

Any chance I can see the mesh? Feel free to pm it needed.


– Dale