Get objects' surfaces pressure from butterfly

hello, everyone and dear developers:

I am working on a city-level CFD simulation and have a couple of questions.
any help and advice is very welcome and appreciated

  1. the city model was made by Sketch-up which I unblocked them to meshes for the simulation, however, the Brep couldn’t pick up the building surface but creat the projection of the building on XY plane. I am not sure whether if it is because there are some mesh inside the building which is the normal way to model in Sketch-up, such as extrude different curves but the surface won’t merge together. while simple box from the same file worked fine

  2. Is it possible and how to know an object’s surface pressure which was put into the simulation? The visualized result is from the surface I made, can the pressure and wind vector be shown on a different surface?

Thank you very much

Hi - you are more likely to get help with questions about Butterfly over on the LadybugTools forum: