Get normal vector in the middle point of a trimmed curved surface

Hi all,

I am trying to get the normal vector from the middle point placed in a trimmed surface. I’ve just realized that the Evaluate Surface component only works with untrimmed surfaces. I looked into the forum but I did not find anything useful for this case.

Does anyone know a workaround to get the middle point of a trimmed surface and then the normal vector? Is there any GH component that works as the Evaluate surface but with Trimmed surfaces?

Thanks in advance!

Trimmed (33.2 KB) (7.6 KB)

Try this…

Sorry @martinsiegrist do you mind copying the code to a native GH python/c# component? I cannot open it, I need an additional plugin.

I’m using Rhino 8

private void RunScript(Brep F, ref object shrinked)
    shrinked = F;
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(too late)

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You could do it this way:

Trimmed (33.4 KB)

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Thank you both for your answers! Different solutions but all equally valid! :slight_smile:

Another way:

Trimmed Surfaces_2024Jan2b
Trimmed (31.3 KB)

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