Get Kangaroo Solver's status using GHPython script


I want to get the status of a Kangaroo Solver (paused, converged etc.) in my gh file using a python script.

Do you have any idea how to do that?


Hi @Yitzchak_Vaknin

Are you calling the Kangaroo solver using the KangarooSolver.dll, or NodeInCode, or you have the Solver component on the canvas, and you want to get info about its state from within a separate Python script component?

Hello @DanielPiker, thanks for your reply.

The last option - I had the Solver component on the canvas, and I want to be able to get info about it’s state via separate Python script component.

That status message is in the Component.Message property,
so you’d need to find the upstream component feeding into the input parameter of your script to access it.
Here’s one way- (9.5 KB)