Get intersection indices

I have multiple surfaces and a lot of curves. Now I want to intersect them – but: I must need to know which curve did intersect with which surface.
In another tree I am storing the endpoints of the curves; here I want to build a matching tree which stores the intersection points.

Any idea? Already lost so much time on it :smiley:

thats a typical question, but pretty tough to answer specifically without an internalized GH file.

Yes, you’re absolutely right. (1.3 MB)

See attached (149.4 KB)

BTW: If you want to do some realistic thing with this tensegrity concept of yours (using Instance Definitions as anchor cable mounts plus masts mounts etc etc … you’ll need another totally different connectivity approach - plus the critical part: clash detection).

I would personally use the Surface;Curve intersection component while flattening the surfaces and grafting the curves with the tree having one branch for one curve. This would measure the intersection of each curve with each surface

This should theoretically output a list of points in the grafted structure same as the curves

I took a gander at it, if the goal is to match 131 points to 131 points it doesn’t look well matched. There are duplicates and clusters that don’t look very sortable. If you can give clear context and end goal i’m sure there are a simpler solutions.

Yes, thank you and also all the others ITT.
The flattening and grafting did the trick! (I had nearly the same feeling, but my brain switched it. Now it works!)
Thanks a bunch.