Get image information for custom mapping

Hello everyone, I want to convert a 2D plane into a 3D surface, which is an externally input image, and the 3D surface is an arbitrary surface (like a semicircle, a cylinder, a cone, or an irregular surface) After the 2D image is converted to 3D, it will be deformed with the surface (as shown).

And I can get information about this 3D image (eg XYZ coordinates, UV coordinates, RGB values of pixels, etc.)

I know this sounds like texture mapping, but I’m not sure if the texture map can meet my needs?I have read the relevant instructions, and I can’t find any function to access the texture.
Not only need to map the texture, but also the data of this image pixel. I don’t know much about this, I use C# and would like to know if there are any APIs that can achieve my goals or provide me some guidance?
Thank you for your advice.

Hi @t107408022,

I am not sure I understand what you are looking to do. Can you do what you describe just using Rhino commands? If so, what commands would you use?

– Dale

Hi @dale,
I think my previous thoughts were wrong. I asked another way.

I want to try to get a texture of a point on a plane mapping to a 3D coordinate on the surface.
And now I have the texture coordinates of the surface (2D points), and the mapped coordinate points (2D point).
How do I find the position of the coordinate point (2D point) on the world coordinates (3D point)?

I have seen similar answers elsewhere, but I don’t know how to get a triangle index with pixel coordinates.

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi @t107408022,

If you have a surface parmeter (uv, 2-D point) and you want to know the 3-D location, you can use Surface.PointAt.

Does this help?

– Dale