Get hexagons from adges?

Ey there, 2 questions I’m working in a “hex Arc” I have the shape but I cant figure out how repeat every piece to get 6 sides to create single hexagons the same for the shape with 5 sides so
1-what is the easiest way to get the “pentagons” and hexagons singly ?
2.-Whats the easy way to know if every hexagon have the same size.

sorry for dumb questions.

hex (5.0 KB)

Your file is rather sparse, consisting of a single Srf (uninitialized!) and nothing else.


Your question isn’t very clear. You must have had these edges (organized) at some point, did you lose them?

sorry here is the file
hex (110.0 KB)
I re uploaded the file.

Why don’t you just use lunchbox’s Hexagon Cellsfrom the first place?

hex (143.3 KB)


I was thinking that was necessary planarize to get a uniform shape that is the reason for I want repeat the objects