Get Geometry inputs to Hops don't update when no geometry is passed


I’m using a Hops component to process some Rhino geometry for an environmental simulation. In some cases, it’s intended that there will be no geometry passing through one or more of the ‘Get Geometry’ inputs to my Hops component.

Everything seems to work fine, as long as there’s some geometry passing through the inputs. However, as soon as there’s no geometry passing through, it’s like the Hops component doesn’t detect the change and continues to output the same result as before.

I’ve managed to reproduce the issue with a simple example (please see the images below and the 2 GH scripts attached). In the second image you can see I’ve culled the second Brep, but the output from Hops remains unchanged.

Is there something simple I’m missing, or a quick fix for this? Many thanks in advance!

Nick (5.5 KB) (3.9 KB)