Get Environment Texture in RhinoCommon


I am trying to get the Background Image filename from the Environments Panel using RhinoCommon. I cannot work out how to get it from Rhino.Render.RenderEnvironment.CurrentEnvironment. How is this done pls?


    using Rhino.Render;
    using Rhino.Render.Fields;        

    RenderContent tex = RenderEnvironment.CurrentEnvironment.FindChild("texture");

    if (null != tex)
        //This will work if it is a bitmap texture or an HDR/EXR, and it 
        //will fail if the texture is procedural or some other 3rd party
        //texture that doesn't support the "filename" parameter.

        Field field = tex.Fields.GetField("filename");

        string filename = field.ToString();

That works - thank you so much.

Hi Andy

A follow-on question - is it possible to iterate all the Child’s (children) of the RenderEnvironment.CurrentEnvironment?



Another follow-on…

How do you get the environment color if the Environment is set to Background = “Solid Color”. And how to you get the environment color if the Environment is set to Background = “Environment” and no background image is loaded (ie. just looking to get the background color.



The best way to get the background color for an environment that you don’t know how to render is this:

Rhino.Render.SimulatedEnvironment sim = new Rhino.Render.SimulatedEnvironment();
Rhino.Render.RenderEnvironment.CurrentEnvironment.SimulateEnvironment(ref sim, true);

System.Drawing.Color col = sim.BackgroundColor;

You can also get an LDR version of the texture that way too. If you are not interested in the texture, it is a little faster to call SimulateEnvironment with “true” as the second parameter because it doesn’t produce the bitmap - so if you want the bitmap, use false.

Rhino.Display.BackgroundStyle bs = Rhino.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.RenderSettings.BackgroundStyle;
if (bs == Rhino.Display.BackgroundStyle.SolidColor)
System.Drawing.Color color = Rhino.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.RenderSettings.BackgroundColorTop;

Works perfectly - thank you Andy.