Get curve from surface

I have made a surface but i can not get a curve on this surface by changing U & V

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There are a variety of ways to get a curve from a surface.

Please describe the problem you’re trying to solve or post an example of the issue.

I made this surface in grasshoper and I want to make a Curve projected on the surface and could change it position on the surface (47.6 KB)

I am not able to open your file.You maybe want to check/reupload it.
have you had a look at the project component or the pull curve component?

This model looks very much like the model you posted in a different thread?

As already demonstrated in the other thread, if you want to get the surface with the holes in it, you need to reverse the result of Sort to get the fragment with the largest area:

P.S. There is a Crv param being used as an attractor but it’s not internalized:


It doesn’t have to be on the surface to work effectively as an attractor but could be projected or pulled to the surface, if you want.