Get component status (component listener)

How can I get the status of a component? (such as displayed when stopping the mouse over a component, displaying “This component ran once”.)

Im trying to get it to trigger a print I have working…

Not for python, but you can access that description from .InstanceDescription with C#.

Attached script outputs InstanceDescription of every selected object on grasshopper, use button to trigger the script. (7.8 KB)


Where can I get the reference for this?

It also works in python!


Here maybe …but that’s not much.
I found it by trial and error :sweat_smile:


Sorry for bothering with this… any clues on how to get a true or false whether the component has run or not?

I was hoping to get it through the status, but just realised it has to be a gate on the the grasshopper loops…

Grasshopper component are re-executed any time one of its parameters (inputs) expire/change.
So, even if you pass from a “running” state to a “empty inputs > empty outputs” the component would still have ran, but with no data.
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In some cases i suppose the code of the component still need to work, even if it is only to detect there are no inputs at all.


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Can you be more specific?
What you need to do?

Another way could be to check if all the outputs of a given component are empty…

Again, i’m still a rookie … my informations might be misleading…


I´m trying to build a trigger to print geometries from a bake component from elefront (Bake)…

The printer I built needs to be activated only after this bake component. Both of them are activated at the same time and this is not working well…

The Bake component from elefront doesn’t output anything…

I tried using a timmer, but it doesnt work…

Sorry I never used Elefront plugin, I have no idea how it behave or else…
You might want to ask an opinion in this matter from its creator.