Get Center Line of disc

I’m using multiple discs to control sectional data. I want to extract the vertical Center Lines of those discs for preview display purposes only. Int he attached file I have successfully generated the IsoCurves I need. There are 2 issues with this solution that I am certain are simple to cure but elude me at present.
1 - I can’t get a line out of the originating disc. The points are there but I don’t want to preview them, just a line.
2 - I don’t know if this has any effect on the redraw speed but I really only need the bottom and top points for a 2 point line to display. I have tried numerous approaches to deriving just those 2 points with no joy.
Ideas anyone? (10.1 KB) (7.6 KB)

Thanks Joseph. This works perfectly. sometimes you just get down the wrong rabbit hole.

You can create the lines from the start than the circles or use curve | line intersection (11.5 KB)

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