Get black screen clicking layer

this morning I get a black screen after entering layers (se movie) I send my system files, too.

rhino-system-10-06-24.txt (4.4 KB)


Hi Mike -

Rhino 8 SR5 2024-3-12

I’d start by updating the to latest version, which currently is 8.7 (tomorrow that will most likely be 8.8).

love to do that but since I run program without any saving possibilities and upgrade means losing my drawing so far…

Hej Mike -

You are running an expired Rhino 8 evaluation. This means that, unless you buy a license, your drawings will be lost - with our without installing a new version.
Also, I’m not sure what “black screen” means exactly. In your video, it looks like Rhino crashes but macOS is still up and running. Aren’t you losing your drawings when Rhino crashes?

no it did not crash completely - it still got menys. and if I switch desk in macOS and then go back to rhino- desk I have it all back. That’s how I could film it.
However I solve the situation by do some UNDO command and that’s it. The black screen have not been seen since.
Way do I run rhino in not saving mode? I am 72 and my mind play trix does days, and every solution I stands in fore I have to draw and those days drawing on paper is as bad as in mind. So I really do not have to save any drawings. (Besides it is quite costly in Sweden).