Get ArchivableDictionary from Document

@dale Hi ,

Is that possible to get the ArchivableDictionary from the rhino document instead of plugin load (read/write) event listener and instead of UserData from Geometry.


I do not think so.
Depending on your needs, you may be able to use “Rhino.RhinoDoc.Strings”…

Hi @vijaysarathy,

My apologies, but I do not understand your question enough to answer.

Can you try to explain what exactly you are trying to do and why? What problem are you trying to solve?

– Dale


my question is , I can able to get the archive object from plugin - override function as shared in above image, but I need the archive dictionary other than this methods, Is that possible ?

Ex: RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.GetArchieveableDict()

:frowning_face: Okay

Dalle may know another way, but I don’t.
Note that you can serialize some objects since v7.


If you are using “Rhino.RhinoDoc.Strings”, I recommend using a Guid inside the key value to avoid conflicts.


Hi, has this problem been solved?
I have the same problem