Gestures on touchscreen changed from Rhino5 to 6-7

Hi, we were using rhino 5 to developer our plugin. And we have rhino5 installed on an all in one touch screen pc. We had no problems with rhino 5. We were able to select items with a tap, select multiple objects with the box selection and so on. Since rhino 6 something changed I can only pan when using the touch screen. Is there anything to control how gestures are handled in rhinocommon? some events to hook or something else?

Thanks, Matteo.

Ok i think i do have the same issue as : Touch as normal Mouseinput

So the problem is between 32 and 64 version. How can I achieve the 32 behavior?

@JohnM - I don’t recall where we are on this. Can you chime in here?


– Dale

Hi @Matteoz,

From what I recall, the viewports in Rhino 5 32-bit did not support any touch gestures. This is because Rhino 5 32-bit ran on Windows XP, and this version of Window did not support gestures. Since there is no gesture support, any touch event is just translated to a simple mouse event. Thus, touching an object in a viewport would select it, for example.

We hooked up basic gesture support for viewports in Rhino 5 64-bit, and this support has not changed in Rhino 6 and Rhino 7. The gesture support consists of viewport manipulation (e.g. pan, zoom, and rotate).

No there is not, sorry.

– Dale

Ok this is a huge issue for us. Since we no longer can use Rhino5 32 bit. And we need to use the touchscreen.
In the next release, can you expose a property to disable this hook you did for gestures in 64 bit version? So we can keep using our gestures implementation.
Or can you suggest any other way to select and move the objects inside the views using the touchscreen?

Hi @Matteoz,

The viewport gestures have been in Rhino since 2013. So I’m somewhat surprised your just learning about this. But then again, maybe I’m not (surprised).

Can you tell me why the old behavior is important to you? Are you really modeling in Rhino with a touch screen?

Providing some way of disabling viewport gestures will not be easy. So before investing a bunch of development effort, I want to better understand why this is important to you.


– Dale

My personal laptop can be folded up and used as a tablet, if I could use Rhino and GH in tablet mode I would do it to work lying down or half lying down quite a lot. The mouse forces you to sit down and is very uncomfortable to use on non-hard surfaces. Another possible application is to use Rhino to show a design to a client, where the tablet experience is much more enjoyable anywhere than having to sit at a desk which is normally intended for one person.

It would be really great to be able to use GH/RH with a pen.

Hi @dale sorry for the delay (holidays). No need to be surprised. My firm simply never allocated the time to upgrade rhinoceros and when another person tried years ago once he faces this gesture problem simply gave up. So here I am now upgrading from rhino5 to 7 because the licenses will no more be available.

Anyway, the plugin runs on a machine where the user is a worker and there is no mouse and no keyboard since he can’t use them, so everything works using the touch screen. We are not modeling. Usually, they import some draw or use some other tool to create geometries. We need the old (rhino5 32) behavior to be able to select items with a single touch and to move them.

Hi @Matteoz,

Thanks for the details.

I’ve logged your request. You can track it here:

– Dale

Thanks, I’ll track it.

We may also need a registry key to turn it off, in this way we can set it while installing the plugin with a setup.

RH-62173 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

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Thank you. I’ve tested it. It works.

It would be great if the fix could be implemented for 6 too. I also would like to regain the ability to select like in v5.

I too would appreciate an update for V6 to disable gesture