GeometryGym custom profiles

I found an old post about this topic here, but its related with the old version of the plugin (structDraw), so it’s indication are not working (filepath doesnt exist in the actual version).

So, the question: Is it possible to create a custom profile library to populate GeometryGyms ggIFC CatalogueProfileDef component?

Hi Aitor,

Thanks for posting the question. Actually that method (which is nearly 10 years old) still works, but I’ve been advancing on more powerful ways to do this.

At the moment the built in catalog is hard coded into the plugin, but I plan to move that out as a series of input files (that users can edit and manipulate)
I can help you understand how to prepare IFC files that can be used to define the catalog (or enhance the catalog). I’ve attached a sample grasshopper script and the resulting IFC file that demonstrates this.
But to use this you need to update the ggRhinoIFC plugin (I just updated ) Of course you can generate this data using python or other ways of interacting with my toolkit (I need to push some changes to the WIP branch of the open source toolkit though).

If it’s enhancing the catalog, you should be able to place the resulting IFC files in the folder above, but I will also soon provide the ability to nominate the folder (say on a network drive).

I’d welcome feedback and suggestions relating to this.



180511 profile (15.5 KB)
180511 profile (1.7 KB)