GeometryBase Serialization across Service Releases

In Rhino V5 I had the problem of Serialized GeometryBase Objects not being compatible across service releases: eg. SR14 was compatible down to SR12 but not below (can’t remember the specific error)

The question: is the GeometryBase in Rhino6 compatible across all SR? I would think so as there is now the Rhinocommon for javascript and ‘Standalone’ Rhinocommon for file reading…

I am not aware of this. Did you ever report this?

– Dale

I’m not aware of this either Dale. To answer the original question, GeometryBase serialization should be compatible across all service releases. To take that further, you should be able to read GeometryBase serialized data in V6 into V7 and vice versa (if you write as V6 format from V7).

thanks for the info, maybe it was just a fluke back then… will report in case i see anything strange with V6 during development.