Geometry only showing up in one viewport?

I have a standard template that I use for some jobs. I used file / insert from the menu bar. I inserted by picking position and as individual objects. This was the flat ended ellipse and the to linear dimensions (3.20 & 4.10). I then made another ellipse by diameter and offset that ellipse by 1mm to exterior. I was working in Right view. When I switched to 4 views to move all the above geometry, nothing shows up in the other 3 viewports.

I have hidden the drawing layer, closed file and reopened it and the curves + dimensions still only show in right view.

Any thoughts?

Km-Candy Bowl pendant.3dm (1.2 MB)

OK, I tried this on Windows, don’t have my Mac running at the moment - did you try zooming out a bit or doing a Zoom Extents? The ellipses are not on the 0 plane in Right view, they are at world X+ 54 and something… I can see them if I zoom out… Or maybe it’s only not working on Mac…


Now the irony, if I open it in Windows rhino, same thing.

So I may try copying from one file to another. Not sure why the ellipse & offset curve are not showing up though?

Never thought of that Mitch. They are always a 0 in the X when I import before.

OK got it, didn’t sleep that well with snowstorm & 80 Kmh winds shaking the house.

I think maybe Zoom Extents All might be your friend, here.

This is filed under; only open mouth if the "try this first’ doesn’t work.

ZEA it is!