Geometry on a point of confluence of isocurves

Hello, I have a question about Flow Along Surface. If to create a surface, where isocurves meet in a point (center) of a surface, and after to apply something on such surface (on a point of a convergence of all isocurves) - result bad.
What can you tell?

Hello - that’s expected - FlowAlongSrf maps to the UV of the surface, and if the UV gets compressed (converging isocurves) on the target surface, then if the base surface was not also compressed, there will be severe distortion. One way out is to make a temporary ‘square’ surface across the singularity (say with Drape) and use that as a target. This trick also works for when you want to Flow across the seam between two surfaces.


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It is clear, I thank! :smiley:

Other some receptions don’t exist?