Geometry of Marquise (theverymany)


I’m desperately trying to get an idea of how to create a geometry like in Mark Fornes project Marquise. For my university project, I would need a shell that has overlapping openings exactly like in this project but I have no clue how to create them. I’ve worked with Kangaroo in previous project stages but I was never able to manipulate the simulation so it fits my requirements, always ending up with boring domes.
Has anybody a hint for me please? Maybe @laurent_delrieu has already thought about this project from Mark Fornes already?
Thanks a lot for every idea in advance!

Best Pia



why not making it by hand with a low number of quad mesh, then subdivision using Catmull & Clark then diagonalize.

Hi Laurent!

do you mean modeling it directly in 3D without inflating it with kangaroo? My end goal is that the shell should be at least nearly a catenary geometry because I’m working with a very weak material (clay), so I think I can’t skip the kangaroo approach…


You are right you surely need something like Kangaroo, you surely need to have a look to Felix Candela work instead of Marc Fornes, it seems more near of what you want (in term of material).

Your question was not clear.