Geometry inside geometry custom preview

Hey all!

I have these spheres inside a torus. Any idea how i can make them show? (I used custom preview to make the torus see-through, but it doesn’t work as expected.
Also, could I get rid of the tangent surface artifacts?
Many thanks! (10.2 KB)

Cut and then Paste the azure preview component.

daaamn! why?
also, many thanks!

This is a little misbehaviour of grasshopper… call it “bug” if you want…

Remember that everything that is created “last” is drawed on screen in front of older stuff.
So, if you have the same geometry displayed by 2 different Custom Preview with different colors, you’ll see only the one that was added (not edited) to the document more recently.
This is not really related to your problem, but usually when you have this kind of displaying problems, try to change the order of displayed geometries by cut-pasting them…

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What is the azure preview component?

it’s a custom preview component that uses a azure color in my case :))