Geometry Gym Compatible with open Source Geometry Gym Library?

I am working with a company with a GG License and am trying to create my own GH component that works with Geometry gym GH by using the Geometry gym open-source library from Git. But have found that they create slightly different types. Is it possible to make these two Libraries compatible or is this a part of the paywall? incase you want some clarification for example I am trying to read a Boolean result type into a custom GH component but am finding the type I receive is a {Name = “GH_IFCBooleanResult” FullName = “GeometryGym.GH.IFC.GH_IFCBooleanResult”}

Any insight or workaround would be greatly appreciated. Love the work and thanks!

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Hi James,

Thanks for the inquiry, this certainly is an area with sparse documentation or explanation.
Just to be clear, the open source code is the basis of our developments in Rhino, Grasshopper, Revit, Tekla etc. We build our own closed source functionality on top of this (such as converting between Rhino Geometry and IFC geometry). All the open source code has public access so you can reference our .gha file or rhino dll and it will have the same classes as the nuget package (or course with small changes if the versions are not in sync).

In grasshopper, we do “wrap” the ifc classes to implement interfaces such as IGH_Goo and the like. This also allows us to cache geometry and similar aspects for a higher performance.

You can access the backing IFC concept using the Value property (you’ll need to cast it). But as the .gha file and nuget dll are different compilations, to convert from one to another, the only option is to serialize and deserialize which is not ideal. So it’s better (if practical) to refer to the .gha file as a reference from you gh script component or referencing plugin.

If you’re like to discuss this, reach out to me with an email or direct message and we can arrange this.