Geometry from a specific tool assigned to a layer?

This was discussed before but not sure if it is in the works. In Autocad, I can assign a default lauer to some tools. i.e., when I click the hatch tool, it automatically makes the resulting geometry be assigned to the hatch layer. A forum member did have a script for this, but I don’t know if it was on the WIP8 list. This is a huge speed up for my work.

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You could create a button which would either set the current layer to let’s say “hatch” or if that does not exist yet it would create a layer with that name and a specified color and then set it as current layer.

You’d add whatever command you want after that, so for example _Hatch

A simple command macro on the icon should do this pretty easily.

! -Layer C hatch enter Hatch


Had never considered or looked into macros. You just opened up a whole world of possibilities for me haha thank you!

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Thanks Martin. I think this will be useful.