Geometry destroyed after using Join command in Rhino

Hi, there are several surfaces and polysurfaces. I am trying to use following commands for them: “join”, “mergeallfaces” and after that I am trying to change the units to millimeter. As you can see in the picture Rhino destroies the geometry after using the first two mentioned commands.

Anyone who knows the error?

Thank you!

JoiningError.3dm (4.5 MB)

Hello - please post a file with the objects before the Join operation.


Hi, sorry, you find the file before the join operation updated above

Hello - the model is much too small for the units setting, that is most likely what is going on here, combined with a file tolerance that is really far too large.

see -


Unfortunately excact same error result when I change my document properties to millimeters and tollerance to 0.1

Yeah - that is not enough - the objects were built at a very small scale ande a large tolerance, so edges are a mess; furthermore, if you change the unsts and scale the objects, they move even farther from the origin.

Point in world coordinates = 475146338.518, 5524641771.209, 26.308

Which in itself makes things worse.


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There it is. It was the distance from 0,0,0. Thank you very much for your help.