Geometry boundaries

I would like that when i print Rhino layout to pdf, the piles(circular geometries) area shown as only one line due to the sweap function of how GH works. In 2D, the detail view is on wireframe, I tried to use setobjectdisplaymode option for the piles so that they would printed independently from the view type. But problem is that i cannot print in as raster mode because iam having texts inside the modelpace (not on paper layout). Thus, it would start to pixelate the texts and the Pdf would not look quality. Mcneel staff gave an advicement to put the text on the layout paper so Raster printing can be used. But i prefer that all are inside the details.

Is there any easy way on Grasshopper that show the boundaries of pile from all sides.


Show your definition


Grashopper file constains just pile geometries internalizedExample.3dm (5.8 MB) (48.7 KB)

Try this , you need Pufferfish bounding rectangle or use bounding box and box corners

This is good solution thanks.