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Hi, everyone,

I’m attempting to arrange multiple geometries along a curve path randomly, ensuring there’s always a distance of 0 between them. I tried with repeat data
the length curve of each geometry along the path, but it doesn’t seem to be working as expected. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

geometries (30.5 KB)

Hi @Ahmed_Alnaseri

A short explanation:

  1. Three boxes
  2. Move each box with the left corner to the start of the line
  3. Generate a random set of thos three boxes
    geometries (47.0 KB)

thank you man this really good way, but just wondering if there is a way to create vector from curve, is that even possible :thinking:

From a line yes. Grab the end points of the curve and plug it in to vector 2 point. could be wrong but I think you could also just plug the line into the vector param… I would have to check that one to be sure that I have it right.

Or lik done here:

I mean free form curve not straight line. Can we create a vector from curves or only straight lines?

What vector do you expect? You can use the Evaluate Curve to get the tangent vector at a given point along the curve.


I’m not near to my machine at the moment just draw sketch of what I wanted to achieve somehow

Perhaps something like this: (8.5 KB)

Use the Horizontal Frames component to divide your curve with planes. Use the resulting planes with the Orient component to place your shapes.


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