Geometric Element Component Missing?

I’m missing the Geometric Element component; did the logic for inputting Revit geometry change in a recent update or should I reinstall?

When I use the example file that includes that component, it has a different icon. On the Ctrl+Alt+Click shortcut to locate the icon in the Grasshopper tab, I get the identification below:

But when I mouse over that component in the GH tab, it calls it a Graphical Element. When I mouse over the component in the canvas, it’s a Geometric Element. The component itself operates the same way as the Geometric Element component that I’m used to, so right now the workflow is to open the example file and copy+paste the component into the desired script.


We renamed it to reflect better what it does, but we forgot the icon.
It should allow you to reference any Graphical Element from the Revit document, by Graphical means that it has a graphical representation in the Revit View.

We also added some new features to it.
Now it allows you to collect Graphical Elements from a saved Selection Filter or in a Rule-based Filter you have saved in you Revit model.

Also since Grasshopper can manage elements from diferent documents in the same definition it allows you to group elements based on the document they come from.

It also allows you to cull Duplicates. It removes duplicate elements from each list of elements you have on this parameter.

Great, thanks for the explanation! I’m assuming the icon will be re-implemented on a later release? Never would have picked up on this while following the original documentation.


Thanks for reporting it and sorry for the confusion.

You guys are the best, thanks again.

@kike Following up on what you said earlier, I see the “All Documents” component but can’t seem to find a filter component that will allow me to pass data (types, etc.) from one open document into another. What’s the best way to do that?

The only way that can reasonably work is by copying and pasting elements from one document to another one. Revit API has support for this but we have to create a component that encapsulates that functionality for easy usage. Will be available soon

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