Geometric bug when creating Form


I’m trying to create a form in a conceptual mass family. It is just a simple brep but something strange is happening to it. 2 dimensions appear OK, but then it just extents some infinite amount in the other dimension. There is nothing weird about the reference geometry - I just used a box by 2 points.

The form seems to work OK as a generic model family but goes haywire in a conceptual mass family. Any ideas what would be causing this?

Seams we have a problem with the units, if Rhino is in Feet it works well.

It’s fixed now, it will be available on the next release.

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Thanks for fixing Kike.

Interestingly it worked fine for double curvature geometry but failed on a simple box. Units were meters.

What is you release cycle, so that I can test?

This fix is available to download from here.

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This worked. thanks Kike!

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