Geolocation and Local Coordinates

Hi Guys,

First thing to do when you are modelling in Revit is to set the geolocation and use the
local coordinate system in Revit and that is by acquiring a linked dwg source. Is there a way to set this process without the use of the link dwg but rather use an information or data of the geolocation/coordinates of the project?
The issues with Revit are the following:

  • far project location from the origin (make the location is bit closer to 0,0).
  • doesn’t have the feature to select the nearest local coordinate system like Autocad.
  • It works through World Coordinate System.
    I can live by using the linked dwg but I am after for data driven process.


Hi Joel, A quick review of the material provided by Autodesk shows that not much has changed since this post.

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