GeoGym (zones and spaces management)

Hi everybody,

how to integrate spaces (IfcSpace) into specific zone (IfcZone), how to manage it into ggym layers ?
Is it possible to set multiple zones (IfcZone) in the same space (IfcSpace) via parameter like in Revit it possible to set many ZoneName’s parameter to space ?

thankx for ur answers

This is an interesting question, and I’m not sure yet on the best way to provide this functionality.

Spatial structure breakdown is a fundamental part of IFC, with a one to many children relationship that matches rhino layer hierarchy so that works nicely for this. Ie a spatial element only has one parent or host. Zones are a “group” of spaces, and a space can relate to multiple zones.

Do you model each space as a layer or as rhino objects representing envelope? We could perhaps have specific tree nodes for zones and allow drag and drop (with right context delete).

The other option is to set zones up as a template (similar to your building storey question) and merge that or store it in the rhino document.



Hi jon,

Thankx for your answer !
There is also the issue to set space in an element category (as fourniture element which is in an X space)
i model the spaces as rhino object representing envelopes.
I would see as solution for each element category to have a possibility to set the espace where is being via a parameter (as on the image below 01)
And for zones and space, is to model the spaces and relate them to IfcSpace by seting a multiple zones parameters via parameters (as on the image below 01)
I’am looking for an optimal and simplify methodology to be used for any users and not necessary the super users (who master garsshopper and python) by getting the IFC spatial schem on the image below (02)