GeoGym P-Set (PropertiesSet)

Hi everybody,
is it possible to integrate the P-Set to rhino objects via GeoGym as it’s possible for parameters by using user Text ?
if yes, how taht it do ?
Thanks for your answer

Hi Samir,

Can you elaborate a little bit further on what you are trying to achieve? You can set IFC p-sets to objects in Rhino using grasshopper and GeomGym. Take a look at the attached script.

If you are importing IFC into Rhino you can select to add properties to the rhino objects user text on import.

Hope this helps a bit.


200326 ifc from rhino (33.8 KB)

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Hi Nathan,
Thank you, i tryed to do that whitout gh3d and i didn’t find solution !
The goal was to know if it’s possible with just GG for rhino whitout gh3d to set some parameters in their P-Set which match them, for exemple x1,x2 parameters in P-setX and y1,y2 parameters in P-setY and export all to ifc
i will to explore your gh3d definition and i will come back to you for possible questions.
Thx again Nathan

Hi Nathan,
your script works well, thank you !
for confirmation, we can’t use gg Rhino and gg Grasshopper in the same time for export to IFC, is not it? for example , set IfcProject, IfcSite,IfcBuiding,IfcBuildingStorey and Ifc Classes to objects by using gg Rhino ( by the gg layers) and set parameters with their P-Set by using gg grasshopper and export to IFC ?
second question, is it possible to set parameters and their P-Set whitout using gg grasshopper ?
Thank you

Hi Samir,

It is possible. I have actually just been learning about this myself. Can you please go through these two pages on our technical website and let me know if they are of use. I will add some information on how to generate property sets from grasshopper shortly.


Hi Nathan,

I didn’t know the existence of Property Template File it’s seems well ! thank you . For me its not complex like method but i imagine that could be complicated for some users , that will be well if you simplify it like assigning IFC Information using ggRhinoIFC Layers !
i will do some tests and I look forward your information on how to generate property sets from grasshopper
Thx again Nathan