GeoGym (Levels and Layer Hierarchy)

Hi everybody,

To assigning the level (IfcBuildingStorey) to 3D objects by having a building with more one level we should to duplicate Rhino Layers for the elments categories to generating the Layer Hierarchy into GGym to Assigning IFC Information using ggRhinoIFC Layers.
When we have many levels, 20 for example this become complicated to creat and mange them !
is it possible to set one layer for a element category and for assiging level (IfcBuildingStorey) to 3D object by setting level’s parameter via Property Template File ?

Thankx for ur answers

Hi Samir,

Here’s a suggestion to try. You can create a project template from Grasshopper. You could source level elevations, names etc from Excel or other options.

You can then generate a project template ifc file, and import into rhino. Make sure the generate hierarchy layers is nominated. The layers should then be established for you with classication set.

Alternatively, we use out of the box user text strings to store the spatial structure meta data. You could script Rhino (using c#, python etc) to generate the layers for you.

Let us know if this works for you, We can make improvements if needed.


200618 building stories (5.6 KB)

hi jon
Thankx for answer !
duplicate IfcBuildingStorey it’s not problematic, it is what these spatials parts (IfcBuildingStorey)containing of categories and sub-categories which are complicated to manage . Imagines into each IfcBuildingStorey contain tens categories and some categories contain also sub-categories and all are duplicated ten times.
i think it’s more simflify to set a IfcBuildinStorey for each element categorie by setting a parameter of level via Property Template File and in the end you’ll not have a lot of layers (as the image below)