Genovation ---- "Programmable" key pads

I have been using Rhino for some time now and want to translon to using “Hot Keys”. I have checked out third party versions of this and found from my research that “Genovation” is the leader in the field of “Programmable” key pads—being USB —what they call “True Plug & Play” devices.

A couple of questions. Does anyone have any experience with this product or similar products. I would welcome the feedback.

Also, is there a file somewhere that stores the - “Picture, if you will call it” - of the different icons somewhere? I could use it to have prints made to place on the keys to identify the key function.

Open the Toolbar Layout from the Tools menu. Then select the RUI file from the list (probably you want “default”) and open the Workspace Editor from the Tools menu (this menu is on the Options dialog!).

Then, on the right hand side, select a command from the macro library. In the right-hand bottom part, click Bitmaps - you are now in the Bitmap editor. From the bitmap editor, you can use File, Export Bitmap to export the bitmap to a file for assignment to the keys.

Thanks Menno, I didn’t get a notice you had replied. Your information will be very helpful, again thanks for your time…