Genetate Lattice along a curveline surface

Hello guys!

I currently have a problem from Grasshopper Lattice, I’d like to generate Lattice from a curveline surface but the problem is my Lattices Don’t following well and I have some discontinuities, I Don’t konw how to solve this, can you help me please! (77.1 KB)
branche.3dm (265.1 KB)


You could use another plugin has similar functionalities. (86.7 KB)

OK thanks!

But how do you select your surface, I can’t select here, can you show me please??

thanks again!

My new surfaces were internalised in the surface params connected with S1 & S2 inputs.
Bake them and verify if you want. And beware they should be “Untrimmed Surface”.

I explodes it before and select the S1 & S2 but the result is not OK!

can you do a video please!


I already mentioned about that.

Yes I saw well but how should I make the surfaces linear?

I Don’t know very well Grasshopper, I’m new!

If you’d like to know about the Trimmed or Untrimmed surface, see the link bellow.

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Hello HS_Kim!

I read what you recommended me but until now, I can’t seem to understand the processus!

Please can you sent me a vidéo showing the processus to select the surface S1 & S2, because here I am Always having the same result , thanks!

Preparing “Untrimmed Surface” isn’t that difficult right? Just use Edge Surface or Ruled Surface whatever you like… (55.0 KB)

Ok thanks a lot!

it’s working know…

Hello HS_Kim!

Does this program work if I have to intrude into my main model??

I’d like to make the cut of my main model like:

But the problem is when I bre my cut surface I can’t have the same result like before:

can I have to modify Something ??

BASE 82 1.3dm (1.4 MB) (15.3 KB)

I don’t know how you made your base brep so, as long as you change your base brep every time, I can’t show you one general solution. You should change some parameters by yourself. (49.6 KB)

Your solutions seems great but here I can’t have the same result, I Always have discontinuities Lattices along my brep surface like:

Have you add Something else to give that:


I already said.
I’d like to advise you to make two untrimmed surfaces directly from rhino using your Brep edges.
You can simply use Loft or Ruled Surface command in rhino.


I did not even yet select my surface I just loaded the program and the rendering is as we see below:

and when I select, I have that:

I also tried to use loft and Ruled surface but the rendering is not good