Generating table structures by importing the profile curves

Hello Community,

This is my first topic and greatly thanks to everyone in the community to share and spread information. Been a pleasure finding many solutions in the forum to go further with this project.

I made a definition to ease my work while making tables and be able to recalculate if there are changes. You need to input the profile curve drawing and it will generate a certain setup. You can play with its dimensions and divisions.

And wanted to post it to the community because surely there are smarter ways to approach to this topic. Its the version 7 of my definition and i still see possibilities. It is a strict and limited system to make a table. But its efficient for me to simplify a phase in building them.

Just wanted to share and see the other possibilities that the community can think of with this solution. Maybe there is a different logical approach to solve it way better and with more possibilities. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Best regards,

examples.3dm (119.7 KB) table generator vertical (90.3 KB)