Generating list for every time interval of a Timer

I have a Timer plugged into a Quelea system (agent-based modeling plugin) that generates multiple points at every interval according to the logic of their movement. When I plug in a panel to the component that generates the point, I see a list of points generated but every index, which contains each point, is constantly changing to correspond to the state of the point at every given interval.

How can I generate a separate (flat) list for each time interval? After that I want to be able to graft each index of every list and then use the interpolate curve component so that all the grafted points would trace a line that is the “life” of every point.

Hope that makes sense!

test (20.3 KB)

Edit: sorry, you should use data recorder as first component, then the rest as said…

Partition your list, with a partition size equal of the number of point/traks. Simplyify the output.
Flip matrix.

that works! and I learned a little bit more too, thanks :slight_smile: I prefer the interpolate curve to get a smoother trace, but again thank you very much.