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Any way to avoid Revit generating graphics?

When working with Rhino Inside Revit I want Revit to essentially be locked while I try to get stuff out into Rhino. When I try “Element Preview” to extract meshes from a 3d view it causes Revit to generate graphics, seemingly looping through each view in the document and taking >10 minutes.

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Having these previews turned off will help with Graphics performance.

Thanks, that helps, but it would be nice to still preview GH objects within Rhino, without previewing them in Revit. Am I understanding the buttons correctly? Are these two separate settings? It seems if the Revit Toolbar icon is set to off, Revit still wants to generate graphics if the GH toolbar preview is on…

The one in the Revit Plugin controls the preview in Revit, the GH preview is for Rhino, wireframe will be less intensive, as will only Only Draw Preview for Selected Objects.

I have every preview turned off and it’s still generating graphics…

Can you post a screenshot that has your GH canvas as well as the RiR plugin toolbar? Similar to what i showed above, thanks.

I don’t know if you have a model you can test. This took 40 seconds for 100 wall objects… there are 4000 in the model that I want to actually to load and do some work on.

Is there a particular reason for getting the Element Preview meshes like that? When you say its generating graphics do you mean the view or the component? With the previews off like in the screenshot you shouldn’t be seeing anything in the view.

You can set the LOD to Coarse and adjust the mesh quality, but Element Preview is a generating the Render Mesh and will take a while on lots of objects.

Hi @Japhy ! Same issue here. Writing this reply while regenerating graphics… I’m facing this one quite a lot in different projects. I never turn on the Revit preview of GH elements, but still Revit ocasionally starts to regenerating graphics for each view for no reason. It would be good to understand what exactly cause this process to avoid it in workflow or to fix an issue, because its really timeconsuming and I dont see any reason why would any need to regenerate graphics in each revit view.

Hi Mykyta O,

Here is very informative post about the topic called ‘Can You Avoid Generating Graphics’


These components added in 1.16 are related to the last suggestion in the post.


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