Generating dimensions for construction: how to add offset to dimension line?

I’m experimenting with Grasshopper for interior design and looking into a solution that allows me to generate technical drawings. It would be perfect to generate 3 or 4 views from different viewpoints (left, right, top, 3d) and be able to see the measurements of different elements.

When I use the LinearDim node in Grasshopper I can somewhat generate a line but when I bake it the line is positioned onto the line of the model itself as you can see in this screenshot (it also seems to be missing the arrows and text after baking).

And the Grasshopper file looks like:

When I create the dimension line manually I can offset the line a little bit and set the style. Is there a way to create a line with an offset via Grasshopper and maybe even set some of the style properties? Below is a screenshot of a line that I create manually via Rhino.

If there are better solutions to generate technical drawing or create dimension lines it would be great to explore those too. (7.0 KB)


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