Generating curve from tubular shape

Hi Bobi- I think compiling into an rhp file will help there as well.


Any suggestion how to do that? I tried the Script compiler in Rhino 7, but it requires an existing *.rhc file to turn it into a Rhino plug-in *.rhp file.

Ah, yes, it is not 100% transparent.

Start the compiler-

type N for New project

Name it

then save it - that will be the rhc file

Then fill in the author and plug-in settings if you like, (1) but the key is the command settings (2) - that lets you go find the py file(s) to include, i.e the commands. Then Build (3) to create the rhp file


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Hi @pascal , thank you for the detailed guide! It helped me to make exactly what you showed there. However, I noticed that after installing the plug-in it still takes a couple of seconds to load the first time I run the “CycleDisplayModes” command. I also placed the plug-in in my SSD (drive C:), but the speed to load it is the same as the HDD (Drive D:). Other plug-ins load instantly.

Hi Bobi - if you run any python script, or the editor, before running the plug-in the first time in a session, does the plug-in command work more quickly when you do run it?


Yes, once I run the script above for the first time in a session, the speed to run the command “CycleDisplayModes” from the *.rhp file is instant. And vice versa.

Yeah, so I guess Rhino has to load up a bunch of python before it can execute the command. You could try trading the first-run delay for a startup delay and put a simple script that does nothing in your startup commands.

_-RunPythonScript "Path to py file"



Wow, I totally forgot about that option! I guess I get older… :innocent: Thank you for the suggestion! The command runs instantly now.