Generating berms to partially cover a building

Hello everyone, I’m modeling this partially underground building, and I need to generate the berms or mounds on the sides to cover them:

I’m using the patch command with the contour curves to get the desired shape.
My problem is that if I set the stiffnes too low, I get this big mounds on the corners, almost like horns:

But If I set the stiffness higher, The surface doesn’t follow the edges anymore, and gets above or below ground, and even uncovers some parts of the building:

How would you go about geting a result in the middle of this two surfaces, one that follows the edges but doesn’t have those big mountains in the corners?

Thank you very much!
SrfBldCrvs.3dm (9.5 MB)

Have you tried editing the control points with PointsOn (F10)? (PointsOff or F11 to disable after you’re done)


I’ve thoguht about it but I have so many point and doing them manually it ends up looking all bumpy. A tool like softselection on Max would be great, but the closest thing that I know off in Rhino is Softmove and it’s really hard to control… or at least it is for me!

Patch is not a good tool to use with no input in the middle.

Try using Loft or Sweep2.

I used a combination of Loft and Sweep2. SrfBldCrvsDC02V6.3dm (12.5 MB) file corrected

Doesn’t it look like you need some Berm walls on the open end to keep water and dirt out?—-Mark

This is a very simplified model just to calculate slopes and m3 of added soil.

I tried Sweep2 but it doesn’t really play well with the sharp corners:

The benefit of patch is that I get a gentle slope in the intersection with the terrain, although I think I could aproximate that using an arc instead of a straight line as the cross section.
Your image look good, but I can’t open the 3dm, I still haven’t made the jump to v7 :frowning:

The file I uploaded above was the wrong file. Here is the correct file save in V6 format. SrfBldCrvsDC02V6.3dm (12.5 MB)
I joined and the then split the lower curve in a different location. The end surfaces were created using Loft. Sweep2 could also be used with the sides as the rails, the lower curve as one section and a point at the apex as the other section. The middle surface was created using Sweep2.

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Thanks a lot David! I’ll try and smooth things over with some BlendSrf or fillets, but this is a great starting point