Generating a continuous line from a pattern for Clay Extrusion

I am trying to print this shape optimized look out of a clay extruder, the issue with the clay extruder is that it is not able to start and stop, meaning that I need to feed it one continuous line. It is fine if it intersects and prints over each other.

  1. How am I able to generate a continuous line from the image above?
  2. Or How am I able to generate a continuous line from the Voronoi pattern below?

Is there a script in grasshopper that will help me generate this line?

You can and you can’t if you just one to keep just one line on each wall.
See this example

If you accept 2 paths for each wall, you will just have to add bridges
See this discussion

You can make a Minimum Spanning Tree using Heteroptera plugin using the Voronoi cell topology (here I use my Nautilus plugin and cell topology but there are others tools)

This allows to connect each cell without making loops.

Then each path of the MST is scaled to the good length

Cells are offset inward using Clipper for example or Clipper2 or Grasshopper offset (but this could fail)

Then union the region, you will have a single polyline

You can add the outer wall if you want but here union will not work as the rectangle outside contain everything