Generate Surfaces from Mesh

Decline-Drives-Example.3dm (2.1 MB) Dear

I have been trying to build a model for an underground mine from dxf files. Attached is a small portion of the mine. It would be easier to generate the model from surfaces, rather than dxf meshes, as attached. What would be the easiest way to generate surfaces from such example? I understand that generate sections and apply Surface Loft would work, but it is a time consuming because of the various orientation of the mine elements (i.e. drives, stopes……etc).


MeshtoNurbs command in Rhinoceros can translate that, in case you don’t care about how it looks in the end.

You might consider T-splines.

There is a command TsplinefromMesh? can convert mesh object to Tpline mesh.

And then Convert Tplines mesh to Nurbs surface.

The only method I can think of—The automatic way…

And very important note:

This only apply to Rhinoceros V5.

V6 will blow your mind when taking care of this type of work.

So, be a Rhinoceros lover… Mcneel team is THE BEST…

thanks will try